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Flavour of the Month

New Grange School Cancellation

Saturday 22nd. July school has been declared a holiday.

Pupils may give thanks to 'unscheduled building works'!

Me, I like being at school:

Lost At Sea

Left a nice flogger on The Boat? Enquire here.

Torture Garden

Saturday 29th. July: Masked Ball, @ Brighton Manor House.

Also available with inclusivecoach ticket, from Victoria, for the London based contingent.


Friday 19th. August: Bon Voyage at @ Bloc South, 65 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall.

N.B. their link to this page doesn't work.

Head Shaved by the Cruel Warden

Available from the 23rd April, by George!

Fantasy Rubber Prison Scene, enacted by the latex-clad Lady Nina Birch, as seen here.

Complete movie now available to members.