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2019 - That Was the Year, That Was

A Mixed Bag

Well, what a to-do. The year ended with the Bitches Unleashed final event being cancelled. Well, it was obviously not their last for the year, that being the previous one, but you know what I mean.

And the Kinky Consent events went out (on a high, one hopes) with their Summer Spectacular back in August. Presumably to return in the spring? They haven't said, just sorta ebbed away.

Femdomania has shut up shop in Belgium - Mistress Shane has moved away and is now teamed up with Mistress Berlin - in New York.

I wonder if there's a Mistress New York in Berlin?

Klub Kink have also gone into an hiatus as they amalgamate with Purity. Promising a return - planned for Valentine weekend (no promise: circumstances permitting) - to the Wolverhampton area. Meanwhile, Mistress Alice remains.

“Alice? Who the . . . ?” I imagine you ask. Well, it's not this one.

Torture Garden were full of surprises, none more so than the massive re-design of their website. The surprise being the total deletion of past pages. All the old links get forwarded - to pages that don't exist. Instead there is a search page, available in both black or white. It doesn't help - it just returns 'Nothing Found' and a php error.

I mean, Club R.U.B. is no more (their first 2020 event here), but much of their historical stuff is still available. Well, back to January 2016 at least - but not a total loss.

Now you know why I don't make sweeping changes to this site lightly. (I don't have time these days. [That probably looks phoney pro temp.]) You have to comprehensively test and re-test your re-creation to death BEFORE releasing it into the wild. And then re-test it. Clearly, TG didn't.

They did introduce their attempted-cute riding-crop cursor. Sadly it looks like a Windows 3.11 feature that was rightfully abandonned. It's out of scale for the page size and consequently just looks clumsy.

Some 2020 events to look forward to. Was the theory.