- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

2020 - We Pause for the Jet


. . . seems a little slow setting off - everyone getting their breath back after Christmas and New Year?

Except Miss Kim that is, who has already got one Mistress Workshop under her belt. (January 4th - seems a bit soon: won't the stockings still be hanging over the fire? With subs still in them!) And a Masters Workshop.

And, of course, The Firm's Burns Night

The Firm go once more unto without their breeches for a taste of haggis - and tawse.

Saturday January 25th.

This year it cöincides with the Chinese New Year. Perhaps they could combine events?


It all begins in earnest. Another Mistress Workshop before you've finished turning the calendar over! Actually Miss Kim has a bunch of stuff already scheduled for the next two months:

2 Kings also re-commence in the first week of the second month - here's their punishing schedule? Unless you're a Fem-Dom fan, in which case here's the first of the new year.

No Way Out: Metamophosis Special

Swiss-style transformation in the Rubber Laboratory, Saturday 8th.

The ISMS continue their monthly get-togethers on the 9th.

Klub Kink, amalgamated with Purity, are aiming to return for Saint Valentine's Day. It's a busy weekend with this, two TG parties, and a Nimhneach. Meanwhile Mistress Alice remains.

“Alice? Who the . . . ?” I imagine you ask. Well, it's not this one.

No Way Out

Miss Flora and Lady Roxanne are holding two Wet and Dirty Days.

Wednesday 19th & Thursday 27th.

No Way Out

Miss Flora and Mistress Firewolf are holding four Lesbian Worship Days.

Thursday/Friday 20/21st & Tuesday/Wednesday 25/26th.

Four dates for a 'one-time special'?


If you're still in Switzerland, there's No Way Out . . .

. . . and No Way Out are having another Flag Club - a group session of old fashioned punishments - on the 17th. Actually their web-page says '2019', but I suspect cut'n'paste error. It's all about the Tuesdays.

And if you are going, remember to take Swiss Francs. You can't unload your now-obsolete surplus Euros there . . .

Torture Garden

. . . have cancelled all their March events. Well, both their March events. But a lot of groups don't have more than one event a month, so both are right. Their event page says 'see how it goes for April', but their April pages say 'Cancelled'. A mix of prudence and hope? April is their birthday month, bit of a quiet one this year.

Bitches UnleaSHEd

After a stumble at the end of last year BU are going into lockdown with a bang on the 21st.

Good on 'em - they rightly observe this is likely to be the last fetish bash for a while.

Lady Bellatrix

. . . will be ending her run of sessions in Paris on the 31st..

Quite literally, in the short/medium term: she's 'On hiatus until further notice'.


Set to be a bit Quiet


Also set to be a bit Quiet


Friday 24th

Drop-In Foot & Shoe/Boot Gathering

Miss Kim teams up with Miss Phœnix as &ldquoPromoter and Mistress” for a daytime drop-in clinic for foot fetishists.

Was the plan. Hopefully this is another project that's 'on hold' - they had a Rubber Bondage Play Party planned for August, so let's hope they re-boot party in the near future.

Some 2019 reminiscences.