- it's not really a company, it's just a name.


Keeping Safe? Keep covered like Fetisch-Luder Betty.

You could do worse than watch some Industrial Dance. It's ideal; you can do it whilst wearing a mask and socially distanced:

And wearing PVC!

That image was distilled from the Chaotic Rave System video of Ignition. There's only one Wendy Ailan:


Open Again . . . As A Pub?

Oop 'anley dook (i.e. in Stoke-on-Trent), in the engagingly named Hope Street.

Not sure how long they'll be 'as a pub'. Perhaps they'll change their name to 'Go-Sip'.

TG still claim to have an event at Fire on the 24th, with no supporting page. Maybe you could try booking tickets to find out.

Their video, culled from the 2019 Halloween bash, has moved up the page a bit. Hope it gives you chills on a hot evening!

And hope you have a hot evening to be chilled on . . .

Virtual Mistress Workshops

Miss Kim Rub is now holding group on-line workshops on a daily basis. She is hoping to return to the real world on August 8th, digits akimbo.

And, just to keep herself occupied, she's moved the Sissies by the Seaside II to October 30th. Wow, two Halloween mentions in one July!

Alphabetti Spankghetti?

Firm friend Peter Birch has announced the long-enough-awaited publication of Alphabetical Spanking. An handsome tome, illustrated by Josh.

Soon to be available at a major online retailer for twenty quid, it is obtainable already for the launch price of £10.

Goings & Comings

Some musings on the year that was and the year that hasn't come. That last one is on a bit of an hiatus. Might be an autumn rush.

Not all hope is given up - Kinky Masquerade, the Zara du Rose April event, was 'postponed' rather than cancelled - that's a 'Yay' for optimism. I remember seeing September mooted as the new date (well, approximately) but I can't find it now. Possibly removed during a site tidy-up?

And Kellan of the ISMS has announced that 'Episode 4' will not take place in April (it didn't), but that the project will continue later in the year. Meanwhile you can go there to see some new old photos.


Toyah continues . . . resumes . . . touring in 2020. The Acoustic ('Up Close and Personal') dates include her Rubber Revalations.

Originally booked from January all dates have either gone or been re-scheduled, starting from July 16th.

Especially the Electric Ladies dates, which also feature Hazel O'Connor, now re-scheduled until May next year.

Maybe you saw her in Quatermass on Talking Pictures TV?