- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Coming Events 2021

Obviously there are few events planned, and it's more wise than ever to check the websites for last minute 'changes'. See also the home page.

The Firm: Night of the Cane 2020

Torture Garden

Rebel Run?

  • Saturday 27th. February: TG Berlin @ The Metropol. (Location may be an assumption on my part.)


  • Are continuing putting up events, now shifted until March/April:
      1. Tuesday 30th: 80 Spirits Tasting Evening
      2. Wednesday 31st: Student Pint & Pizza Evening.
      3. Thursday 1st: Rock Night. It's not red, and there's no rocks in it.
      4. Friday 2nd: Trans Angels Event
      5. Saturday 3rd: Burlesque Showtime

Institute of SM Studies

  •  Sunday 19th. April

      2pm - 5pm; free admission at the Bishopsgate Institute.

     With Tim Woodward, founder of the Skin Two empire. 'Postponed'.