- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Coming Events 2020

Obviously there are few events planned, and it's more wise than ever to check the websites for last minute 'changes'. See also the home page.

The Firm: Night of the Cane

The Muir Academy

  • 4th. - 6th. December:
    Christmas Boarder?

  • 19th. December:
    Christmas Day Class - only four places?

  • 20th. December:
    Christmas Social - 'restricted numbers'?


  • Fetish Nights in Dublin: Saturday 5th December- 'under review'.

Mistress Workshop

  • Saturday 5th. December: lessons by Miss Kim (Rub). Resuming her 'in-person' sessions, hopefully.

2 Kings

  • Wednesday 9th. - Friday 11th. December. 'Jingle Belles': Christmas Parties for a select half-dozen.

Torture Garden

Rebel Run?

  • 11th. & 12th. December: two Pearl Necklae @ Elektrowerkz. (One of each dresscode.)

Zara Du Rose

  •  Saturday 28th. November - 'surprise event' cancelled - no surprise.

  •  Saturday 19th. December Cabaret of Excess.

The Institute of SM Studies

  •  Sunday 19th. April

      2pm - 5pm; free admission at the Bishopsgate Institute.

     With Tim Woodward, founder of the Skin Two empire. 'Postponed'.