- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Ever noticed that with each passing year Halloween becomes more trashy and Americanised? Look at this for world-class bandwagon-jumping:

 Halloween Pillow?

Listed on Ebay as '100% Latex Rubber 0.45mm Inflatable Pillow Party Halloween Custume 40*60cm', one has to wonder what makes it specifically 'Halloween'. Apart from 'Halloween drives sales' . . .

I'm not even sure that it qualifies as an actual custume.

 Industrial Dance

To give some breathing room to the home page here's some Halloween inspired dances.

Wendy Ailan did a Hallowe'en video last year (without a mask . . . ):

Not sure that I count 'Little Red Riding Hood' as a Halloween horror theme. (This was a bleedover from her cosplay.) I suppose I should check with the Fables of Kink people.

And the music . . . I get Hellraiser, but is Bladerunner really a horror film? I suppose I would accept Alien without carp or cavil.

She also did another one, in a more typical CyberGoth outfit. They'll do, until she does one for this year. Meanwhile here's another of her new ones from nary a fortnight ago.

Here's Roh Maribel dancing to Evil Girl by Suono. That's the new version, as seen below. (I can't embed this one - looks ok until you play, then says '"Video unavailable"?)

I recognised her as a nurse from Silent Hill before I read the captions. Cultured or what?

 Happy Halloween!

 Don't have nightmares . . .

 Freddie can be beaten!