- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

May Be Not . . .

. . . Very Successful

So here we are once more: Brexit delayed until October? Blimey, I'll be re-deploying the Circe page by then. (I would do a new Halloween page, but it seems so trashy and Americanised these days.)

Still, it does give a breathing space to those who want to go to Belgium for the FemDomania Party next month.

Or TG Italy (this month), if waffles aren't your cup of cappuccino.

Kinky Consent are celebrating the anniversary of putting Dudley on the fetish map. Long may they remain. (I should probably stop saying that.)

Talking of which, 2 Kings celebrate their 75th Birthday. By my reckoning that puts them second only to Night of the Cane.

Miss Hastings has a new website which houses the Carlton College page. You might also know it as Westgate Old School. You might also know her as Miss Hastings-Gore, or even as Miss W. Hastings-Gore. In which case you will know as well as I that she'll be keeping it well Old-School.

And TG are a definite May B.

Torture Garden

May Ball

Saturday 17th. May:
they're having their May Ball @ Electrowerkz.

Lady Nina Birch

Tranny-Training Resumed

The lovely Nina doesn't just do harsh rubber prison scenes:
domestic domination, office role-reversal and tranny training
are just some of her skills.

Her Tranny-Training site has been on hiatus for a while,
but has recently revived.

A chance to have your feminine side thoroughly explored.

I wasn't that lucky:

 - I was luckier!