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2019 - That Was the Year, That Was

A Mixed Bag

Well, what a to-do. The year ended with the Bitches Unleashed final event being cancelled. Well, it was obviously not their last for the year, that being the previous one now, but you know what I mean.

And the Kinky Consent events went out (on a high, one hopes) with their Summer Spectacular back in August. Presumably to return in the spring? They haven't said, just sorta ebbed away.

Femdomania has shut up shop in Belgium - Mistress Shane has moved away and is now teamed up with Mistress Berlin - in New York.

I wonder if there's a Mistress New York in Berlin?

Klub Kink have also gone into an hiatus as they amalgamate with Purity. Promising a return - planned for Valentine weekend (no promise: circumstances permitting) - to the Wolverhampton area. Meanwhile, Mistress Alice remains.

“Alice? Who the . . . ?” I imagine you ask. Well, it's not this one.

Wednesday 24th July

Drop-In Foot & Shoe/Boot Gathering

Miss Kim teams up with Miss Phœnix as “Promoter and Mistress” for a daytime drop-in clinic for foot fetishists.

Was the plan. Hopefully this is another project that's 'on hold' - they had a Rubber Bondage Play Party planned for August, so let's hope they re-boot party in the near future.

Torture Garden were full of surprises, none more so than the massive re-design of their website. The surprise being the total deletion of past pages. All the old links get forwarded - to pages that don't exist. Instead there is a search page, available in both black or white. It doesn't help - it just returns 'Nothing Found' and a php error.

I mean, Club R.U.B. (their first 2020 event here) is no more, but much of their historical stuff is still available. Well, back to January 2016 at least - but not a total loss.

Now you know why I don't make sweeping changes to this site lightly. (I don't have time these days. [That probably looks phoney pro temp.]) You have to comprehensively test and re-test your re-creation to death BEFORE releasing it into the wild. And then re-test it. Clearly, TG didn't.

They did introduce their attempted-cute riding-crop cursor. Sadly it looks like a Windows 3.11 feature that was quite rightfully abandonned. It's out of scale for the page size, and consequently looks clumsy and is unweildy.

Some 2020 events to look forward to. Was the theory.