- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Coming Events 2021

Obviously there are few events planned, and it's more wise than ever to check the websites for last minute 'changes'. See also the home page.

May . . .


  • Are now putting up events, as of mid May.
      1. Tuesday 18th:   80 Spirits Tasting Evening
      2. Wednesday 19th:   Student Pint & Pizza Evening.
      3. Thursday 20th:   Rock Night. It's not red, and there's no rocks in it.
      4. Friday 21st:   Trans Angels Event
      5. Saturday 22nd:   Burlesque Showtime

2 Kings

  • 'Topless Troublemakers' Tuesday 18th. of May with Sally coördinating Maxine and Frankie - but sold out already.
  • FemDom Party, with Miss Parker and Miss Ariella, Wednesday 19th. of May. In Docklands from 2pm.


  • . . . re-opening each Friday-Sunday in May.
  • Stoke-on-Trent Pride: 19th. June.

Torture Garden

Rebel Run?

Mistress Workshop Specials

  • 'Early' July, August & September: 'Summer Special for Beginners' by Miss Kim (Rub).

The Zara du Rose Caberet of Excess

  • Bumped summerwards from the 21st. of March - The EquiNOT!

The German Fetish Ball XVII - New Dates

  • 19 - 22nd. August, in Berlin. Awaiting new graphic.
  • Including the German Fetish Fair. (20 - 21st.)

The Firm: Night of the Cane 2020

The winning videos are still to be found.

Institute of SM Studies

  •  Sunday 19th. April

      2pm - 5pm; free admission at the Bishopsgate Institute.

     With Tim Woodward, founder of the Skin Two empire. 'Postponed'.