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Industrial Dance

Cirwana Black

Cirwana Black is a dancer, model and festival-goer.

Generally seen sporting cyberlox and big boots, she bucks the trend of piling on PVC, corsets and even masks in favour of otherwise more compact outfits. Perhaps she's the most-exposed industrial dancer in Germany?

When she's not having children, modelling, making dance videos or doing her own website she organises dance competitions. Recently she made a movie about making a movie.


Here's her version of Ignition by Chaotic Rave System. In this she is wearing PVC and a mask:

OK, she's not wearing very much PVC - but there are two of her, and she's still compelling to watch. Even with the wrong kind of mask.

(*That's the same song as Wendy. This one's shorter, which is handy if you're in a hurry)

To prove that she isn't just trading on skimpy costumes here she is in the biggest pants known to modern science:

Here's a 'minimal edit' video with non-minimal costume - she added a jumper and Womble Boots:

And here's her Halloween photoshoot. Well, autumnal, but with eerie timing (released just after All-Souls Eve with a slightly Hallowe'en look):

Come to think of it, she often looks like that.

Here she is with Cerasumi in a not-altogether-serious video with mild Burns Night overtones and the "Zoidberg" move: