- it's not really a company, it's just a name.


Na Na Na Na . . . Nah!

So, someone thought that it was time for a Batwoman TV series? Even if it was only a spin-off character from Arrow? If only it were that simple; but, no, the reason for Batwoman was to 'be inclusive'. And without quarter. Not just 'this character is cool and is ok with . . . ', it's EVERYBODY is included - often for no reason than to be included. With 'character' defined as all-boxes-ticked it needed a mawkishly heavyweight backdrop for balance.


 Alice? Who The?

Bruce Wayne had a grim backstory, so this one had to be grimmer. Kane Kane witnessed her sister die. Even worse, she came back. (And never bloody went away again.)

Came back with a quite literal vengence. Against their father, who happens to run private security for Gotham since GCPD are now the Keystone Kops.

Came back as an Alice-in-Wonderland themed Joker clone. Even down to the never-quite-gets-taken-in-by-the-Bat quirk. (Even Harley Quinn in the cartoon series wasn't so embarrassingly obvious.)

The series spent far too much time bogged down in the Kate'n'Alice saga; the odd Batwoman-just-solves-a-crime episode would have been a welcome change. But this is not the Dark Knight Detective; it's the Right-on Representative.

One breath of fresh air was the appearance of Magpie. A mild seeming woman who was a thief with a slick combat style, and a slick latex outfit:


Which is an improvement on the original costume:


Sadly she was brought into play by Alice. But at least she was fun while she lasted.

 And The Curtain Falls

Only to rise again. Here's to a less Rose-y future?