- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Ever noticed that with each passing year Halloween becomes more trashy and Americanised? Look at this for world-class bandwagon-jumping:

 Halloween Pillow?

Listed on Ebay as '100% Latex Rubber 0.45mm Inflatable Pillow Party Halloween Custume 40*60cm', one has to wonder what makes it specifically 'Halloween'. Apart from 'Halloween drives sales' . . .

I'm not even sure that it qualifies as a genuine custume.

 Industrial Dance

To give some breathing room to the home page here are some Halloween inspired dances.

Here's Maar Floops with a late 2020 Halloween entry (uploaded in the afternoon, in time for All Hallows Eve):

And Wendy has an even later Halloween special (uploaded 2nd November!):

Wendy also did a Hallowe'en video last year (without a mask . . . didn't need one then ):

This was a bleedover from her cosplay. I'm not sure if I count 'Little Red Riding Hood' as a Halloween horror theme. I suppose I should check with the Fables of Kink people. [They think so - Ed.]

And the music . . . I get Hellraiser, but is Bladerunner really a horror film? I suppose I would accept Alien without carp or cavil.

She also did another one, in a more typically CyberGoth outfit.

Here's Roh Maribel dancing to Evil Girl by Suono. That's the new version, as seen below. (I can't embed this one - looks ok until you play, then says '"Video unavailable"?)

And here's the 'Old Version'.

Don't be fooled by my poor choice of images, there's more than just that one outfit in this one.

I recognised her as a nurse from Silent Hill before I read the captions. Cultured or what?

And you could try Cirwana Black's Hallowe'en photoshoot instead. Or Abrahel, dancing to Evil Will Always Find You by Alien Vampires.

This is Roh Maribel's seasonal offering. Not obvious, but the spiel at the top of the page includes 'Happy Halloween', so there you go:

'Most obvious Halloween splash-screen' goes to this one:

And there's always the Circe page; which was made for just this time of year.

 Happy Halloween!

 Don't have nightmares . . .

 . . . Freddie can be beaten!