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TG Xmas party 2000

The Downside

The theme was very gently applied; Santa and a few elves were represented amongst the staff, but most of the punters showed little festive spirit. Perhaps they prefer fetishwear?

The venue, consisting of a series of arched tunnels, was a bit cramped for gratuitous S&M play.

What little did occur mostly involved women submitting to men - the opposite of what I've typically seen at Submission, or TG, events.

A little role-reversal is to be expected at these dos!

The Upside

The entrance hall was decked, not with boughs of holly, but in a snowy ambience with mince pies and mulled wine on offer. It was, as they say, too cold for snow outside, so a respectful tip of the hat to those who made it there in their outfits. (I wimped out and got changed there.)

Breaking the habit of a lifetime I actually wore some colour! This consisted of my red rubber thong, not hidden by my usual black codpiece, a gold fishnet t-shirt and a Santa hat with flashing bobble.

The venue, Cynthias Cyber Bar, is fabulous - all polished aluminium passages and a myriad of little red lights. OK, so as a caver I happen to like tunnels, but it is very nicely appointed.

The atmosphere was cheerful and much of the music was suited to an old fogey like me.

The Verdict

A rather tame affair, pleasant but unspectacular. I may not have driven all that way on such a bitterly cold night if I'd known what it was going to be like.

The Future

I've had good times at many other Torture Garden events, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I'll wait for a more strongly themed event (and warmer weather) before dipping my toes again.


Apparently Cynthias have enlarged the play area, giving more potential to future events there.