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Gossip! Are! Back!

Now opening every day.


Long weekends o'stuff.

Miss Brown

The (in)famous Left Hand is back in action.

The Kent Variant . . .

. . . seems to be keeping Club XS under wraps pro temp. Presumably they are under the Kinky England banner because Kinky Kent was already taken.

And the Kinky Kent website is re-evolving . . . well, slowly . . . very slowly. Let's hope there's movement on the Medway soon. Ah well, meanwhile, there's Miss Elsa Svenson.

Seems to be a lot of corporal punishment Mistresses about - nice to see one outside London.

Industrial Dance

Stop Press

Cyanide Vice has been poorly - perhaps you might like to Buy her a Milkshake?

The news follows four minutes of dance. Subtitled for the benefit of the likes of me (thankfully). Also mentioned in this Live Stream. Remarkably she's hoping to have two videos ready to cover her period of sick leave. Dedication!

July - Another Summer of No-fun?

Cöincidentally there are some ominous rumblings from Argentinian dancers about how winter is arriving. Expect more indoor videos!

Wendy's doing a Live Stream - RIGHT NOW! No subtitling.

Maar Floops, filmed 'In house' (I don't think):

Here's one from a few days ago - the bad weather must be holding off - by Sonia Vega:

Maar Floops wearing waterproof trousers (maybe she;s expecting rain?):

(Filmed a while ago?):

Wendy - new posting this week:

She's did a Birthday Live Stream. There's no subtitling.

She also did a 90-minute live stream. And a newer one with four sessions of dancing, two Saturdays ago.

(See her rubber outfits here.)

2021 Re-cap - some of the pre-June postings that I missed.

Krystal BatDoll with another lively one (March):

(That will end up on the rubber-theme page!)

Susan Lilith dancing with Sauron (the other one?):

Cyberflummi (what a great name!), one night in April:

Shadowstryker (April), no comment:

And here's Diego Valeskes . . . who'll teach you how to dance (after 3 minutes):

Finishing with Sonia, from May:

Present Day:

Cirwana made a 'mini-vlog' about her collaboration with Roh Maribel. (Who is rapidly changing into Marr Rosario.) Here it is at last:

You can see more of Cirwana's trousers in this fashion-review video of hers. [See MORE? Sureley they're already enormous! - Ed.]

Petition: Keep Channel 4 Public

Channel 4 have been making unique programmes by not being under commercial pressure to produce the same pap as all the other channels. (It's a Sin, anyone?)

The government want to sell it off, reducing it to just another small TV company. You have a chance to protest against this.

Herrin Ariadne

. . . of No Way Out has podcasts available. (N.B. may be in German.) She also does custom podcasts. English is not an option. You should have used lockdown as an opportunity to learn German, Dummkopf.


Vanilla Ice (no, really) is campaigning to have a movie made about . . . Shergar. (Yes, that bloody race-horse!)

'Icy' (as he like to be known*), who must be too young to have heard of Jack the Ripper or the JFK assasination, believes that it's the 'greatest crime mystery of all time'??? [To be fair he actually said it was one of Sport's Strangest Crimes - Ed.]

He has done a series of podcasts about it on BBC Sounds. I couldn't make this stuff up. If I could, I'd be richer than JK Rowling.

(*It was either that or the 'Rip Van Winkle' gag.)

And that advert with the diluted version of Song 2? You'd be better off listening to Song 4. Which is no relation, but at least it's original, especially as it's Japanese.

Now there's a deathly feeble version of 99 Red Balloons. I took several days to confirm this; it's so feeble I couldn't be sure that I'd heard it.

Don't forget the original version. Look at the balloons at the start. How many red ones? Hmm . . .

Just seen an entry in the TV guide for 'Tiger Woods Prodigy'. Wow! I'd pay to see him singing Firestarter. Wouldn't you?

Goings & Comings

Some musings on 2019 and 2020. That last one is on a bit of a short ration. Not as short as 2021 . . .


'Toyah at Home' - broadcast on Saturday mornings at 11am. (The other week she said “I'm not gay - I'm married”. Priceless. Then she rhapsodised about her honey-hive!) Saturday afternoon is Agony Aunts, And Sunday Lunchtimes is on at lunchtime on Sunday.

Toyah pulled off . . . bad wording . . . made 'Love in an Elevator'?

That is not a 'stage outfit', the zip is too . . . practical!

Toyah briefly resumed touring early in 2020, before everything closed down.

Many dates are now re-scheduled from July this year. (But you'll have to wait until next year for the Electric Ladies dates, which co-star Hazel O'Connor.) Here's a snippet inspired by her Up Close and Personal show.

Maybe you saw her getting a rough deal in Quatermass on Talking Pictures TV?