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The Firm's Burn's Night 2022

Making a meal of it: Saturday January The 29th

The only event left on that date? Commiserations to Club Lash and Zara du Rose, who both had parties planned for it.

Club Lash's New Years Eve do was postponed (on the 29th December, what a gyp), but it's no longer on their website. No information given. And ZDR's re-scheduled Paradise Hills event is now cancelled. Bouncing back in June.

Well, there's still the Burns Night Industrial Dances. Or the last 50 seconds of Wendy Ailan's 2021 compilation. And Marr Rosario has contributed this one:

FemDom Party Antwerp

Sunday 30th January

Can't wait another month for the Belgium Fetish Re-Volution? Perhaps this is for you. Another postponed December event, hope it stays the course.

Not quite the 29th, but the same weekend. Took some finding at that distance.

Industrial Dance

By focussing on Xmas and New Year releases, maybe I neglected Japan?

Risako has three videos which were only supposed to be available until January 14 - but they still work: in a dance studio, Doubleside and a Community Industrial Dance Video.

(That first one appears to have another Japanese cybergoth in the background.)

Ciwana Black with guest Maar Floops:

Maar Floops with guest Ciwana Black:

And the other Maar, Marr Rosario, in an amazing outfit:

Phyteuma Nigrum in an oddly familiar location(?):

My bad; for some reason I thought it was this one:

It's not.

And not a Christmas video from Luna Cyber Angel, but the snowiest by far:

Even snowier than Snowy FireFly:


Absolutely Fictional

Joanna Lumley has condemned the fictional drama series 'The Crown' as being “Made-up rubbish”. You'd think that would be a well founded assessment, after having four seasons to contemplate. Except that she also adds that “I never watch it”.

In unrelated news, she's also released a book about the monarchy . . . which contains non-made-up rubbish? Indisputable made-up facts? Perhaps a spokesman from Netflix could review it for us. No reading required.

Psycho Killer - What the Hell?

I've seen a trailer for the remake of Psycho. Sure, and I'd love to hear a Carpenters' song, sung by someone who sounds quite similar but is not quite right. *Sigh* - talk of the Devil . . . there it is again. And it's not even the worst - it's just hung around too long.

Some other favourite grating re-hashes are:

  • The Proclaimers' 500 Miles - from positive declaration to a maudlin whine
  • Nena's 99 Red Balloons - unmemorable murmuring
  • Shampoo's Delicious - barely-there fragment
  • Duran Duran's Girls on Film - I didn't even like the original that much

N.B. the links go to the originals.

Congratulations to OMD for having Enola Gay in two adverts. Nothing like a jolly tune about nuking 100,000 people to shift some crap. And it's the original.

One is just the instrumental (long intro?). That wet-lettuce version of Johnny and Mary might as well have left the words out, too. Quiet enough to be worth ignoring.

I'll let What a Wonderful World go because of the kid's version.

Goings & Comings

Some musings on 2019 and 2020. That last one is on a bit of a short ration. But not as short as 2021 . . .


'Toyah at Home' - broadcast on Saturday mornings at 11am. (One week she said “I'm not gay - I'm married”. Priceless. Then she rhapsodised about her honey-hive!) Saturday afternoon is Agony Aunts, And Sunday Lunchtimes is on at lunchtime . . . on Sunday.

"Toyah, love the leather" commented a viewer of 'Take Me Home' . . . what do you think?

I reckon urethane, and can imagine rubber. But clearly not leather.

Toyah briefly resumed touring early in 2020, before everything closed down. Many dates are now re-scheduled from mid-January this year. Here's a snippet inspired by her Up Close and Personal show.

Best wishes to Hazel O'Connor who has been hospitalised.

Maybe you saw her getting a rough deal in Quatermass on Talking Pictures TV?