- it's not really a company, it's just a name.


Two Kings Christmas Party

Tuesday December 7th

Two Kings always go out with their big extravaganza, ignoring last year.

The English Mansion

Mistress Sidonia's Advent Calendar - Started already

Don't know what it's about - it's revealed on a day-by-day basis . . .

And their Winter Wonderland 2021 starts next week.

Berlin Fetish Republic

Friday December 10th


Preaching to the Perverted - the TG Berlin Xmas Ball pre-party.

Congratulations . . .

. . . to New Grange Manor on holding a school day in the face of Storm Arwen. I know numbers were slightly reduced due to travel disruption, but Farnborough got off pretty lightly compared to Scotland and the North.

Here's hoping Club Lash also went ahead safely.

Industrial Dance

A bunch of videos arrived before Halloween, so I've collated them Here. And here're the ones that appeared on the day. And a little after.

Eeh, all this themed stuff does distract from the daily grind - Wendy sneaked this one out:

And a Live Stream (with dancing).

What could possibly be better than a dance by Poison-x mx? A dance by Poison-x mx AND Liam Stahlnebel of course:

Death_dxll did this for Pride Week, which somehow eluded me at the time:

Bio tóxic with some video effects that remind me of 70's Dr Who (classic!):

(He also did a Hallowe'en one.)

And Wendy Ailan has done another Live Stream, as has Cyanide Vice, a fortnight ago. And another one last week.

Bittersweet_evillyn with a nice outdoor location:

And a nice indoor location. Unless you have ursaphobia.

Ciwana Black with Yog:

Ciwana has just got over a bout of COVID thanks to the power of vaccination.


Psycho Killer - Qu'est-ce Que C'est?

Just seen a trailer for . . . the remake of Psycho.

Sure, and I'd love to hear a Carpenters' song, sung by someone who sounds quite similar but is somehow less good.


Ikea are advertising . . . something . . . with muscle-bound bears.

The gay kind of bears? They might be; I immediately thought of this:

Look similar? Look familiar? Do you know who it is? I was going to use this one:

But guessing who it is seemed too easy somehow.

Climate No-Change

Zero Carbon Guildford 'is looking to organise a mock Climate Conference'.

I thought the government had just held one?

Sir Keir Starmer

. . . is alleged to have said that "the next Bond should be a woman" - or words to that effect. I'm not sure that's what he said (or meant) because I've seen it quoted with different wordings.

[ I did see a clip where (I think) he said "I would like the next Bond to be female" - Ed.]

Journalists wouldn't make stuff up based on an unsusbtantiated quote, would they? Any more than a politician would seize on a subject that's big in the news and make a comment that's totally flavour-of-the-month.

And it is flavour-of-the-month. If you can remember back when the film was finished (it was a long while ago) the flavour was "it's time for a black Bond". Times have changed, bandwagon-jumping hasn't.

So, to be the first on this one: "the next Bond should be a black woman".

If that seems flippant remember: it worked for Javicia Leslie - she made it to a second series of Batwoman. Perhaps someone should tell Rotten Tomatoes about the change:

Captured 05/11/2021

(Captured in November 2021. Picture links to bigger (better?) version.) That's not even a photograph, so it must pre-date season one. Which makes "new" rather a stretch, considering season three has already been made. And that's a picture of the Canned Crusader, and not the (new) new one:

Captured 05/11/2021

Goings & Comings

Some musings on 2019 and 2020. That last one is on a bit of a short ration. Not as short as 2021 . . .


'Toyah at Home' - broadcast on Saturday mornings at 11am. (One week she said “I'm not gay - I'm married”. Priceless. Then she rhapsodised about her honey-hive!) Saturday afternoon is Agony Aunts, And Sunday Lunchtimes is on at lunchtime . . . on Sunday.

"Toyah, love the leather" commented a viewer of 'Take Me Home' . . . what do you think?

I reckon urethane, and can imagine rubber. But clearly not leather.

Toyah briefly resumed touring early in 2020, before everything closed down.

She has resumed touring again this year - but you'll have to wait until next year for the Electric Ladies dates, which co-star Hazel O'Connor.) Here's a snippet inspired by her Up Close and Personal show.

Maybe you saw her getting a rough deal in Quatermass on Talking Pictures TV?