- it's not really a company, it's just a name.


Cursebreaker Tour

Japanese Goth group Necronomidol in a rare uk visit, touring for Hallowe'en from the Ides of October.

Torture Garden

Are leaving October with a 'BOO!'.

Seems a bit early to mention Hallowe'en events, but they do sell out. Oh, they already have.

You can still try the November one, so far.

Or the one in LA . . . if you're going.

Industrial Dance

Ominous rumblings were emerging from Argentina about 'winter approaching'. Seem to have stopped - pro temp!

Here's the earliest Hallowe'en entry this year?

It's by Poison-x mx, and it's already a week old:

He also hosted the Halloween Cyber Project Mexico 2020:

Liina Quinn released this last year - but on the right day:

This isn't a Hallowe'en release but it does have both Maar Floops and Belize Cyber Queen:

Here's one that only surfaced recently - Cyanide Vice, a few days ago:

Happy Birthday Athena Niimura:

Wendy released this a week ago:

She racked up 500 views in the first five hours, but the rush should've died down now.

Brioni Faith is holding another Dance Video Competition . . . sorry, Project:

Herrin Ariadne

. . . of No Way Out has podcasts available. (N.B. may be in German.) She also does custom podcasts, but English is evidently not an option. You should have used lockdown as an opportunity to learn German.


Ariel Pods

. . . allow cooler washing, which equates to taking half a million cars off the road. Big deal! The there-isn't-a-petrol-shortage has done ten times that.

Sir Keir Starmer

. . . is alleged to have said that "the next Bond should be a woman" - or words to that effect. I'm not sure that's what he said (or meant) because I've seen it with different wordings. And journalists wouldn't make stuff up based on an unsusbtantiated quote.

Any more than a politician would seize on a subject that's big in the news and make a comment that's totally flavour-of-the-month.

And it is flavour-of-the-month. If you can remember back when the film was finished the flavour was "the next Bond should be black". Times have changed, conformism hasn't.


. . . finally came to an (unspectacular) end, after seven series. The guide described it as it the "much-loved detective drama". I think they meant "a drama about the much-loved detective"?


. . . surprised me with her 'dominatrix outfit'

I'm surprised that her styling team didn't say 'You've done this so many times before - time to change the record'. (Does she still actually release records?)

Goings & Comings

Some musings on 2019 and 2020. That last one is on a bit of a short ration. Not as short as 2021 . . .


'Toyah at Home' - broadcast on Saturday mornings at 11am. (One week she said “I'm not gay - I'm married”. Priceless. Then she rhapsodised about her honey-hive!) Saturday afternoon is Agony Aunts, And Sunday Lunchtimes is on at lunchtime . . . on Sunday.

"Toyah, love the leather" commented a viewer of 'Take Me Home' . . . what do you think?

I reckon urethane, but can imagine rubber.

Toyah briefly resumed touring early in 2020, (briefly) before everything closed down.

Many dates are now re-scheduled from July this year. (But you'll have to wait until next year for the Electric Ladies dates, which co-star Hazel O'Connor.) Here's a snippet inspired by her Up Close and Personal show.

Maybe you saw her getting a rough deal in Quatermass on Talking Pictures TV?