- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

About Rubberslave

Rubberslave is a rubber fetishist with a fondness for pirates, and a collection of unpopular music. (Or should that be "is unpopular, with a collection of pirate music"?)

Rubberslave has been a submissive masochist, but these days does pointless things instead.

Rubberslave no longer has knees which support dancing, so watches Industrial Dance videos.

Rubberslave spends a lot of time updating websites for friends . . . so this one gets neglected!

Rubberslave really doesn't have time to do this site justice.

Rubberslave has read that an About Me page "drives traffic to your site" (. . . and believes it?)

(Rubberslave has never thought himself to be that interesting.)