- it's not really a company, it's just a name.


Petition: Don't Criminalise Paying for Sex

As reported by the ISMS. But you'll have to scroll down to mid-January to find this bit.

Essentially it's a legal move to protect women - by making them into criminals. A system already found not to work elsewhere around the world. How predictable was that?

Just a thought: if 10,000 had people put 'SadoMasochism' as their religion on the census, would it have become official?

Industrial Dance

It's not all Argentinian, but ¡Felices Pascuas! * - before we're turning Japanese.

ID is a world-wide style but it recently occurred to me, when Zeeyo 666 posted the dance below, that there was only one dancer from China:

Then I realised that I previously hadn't realised that there were no Chinese dancers at all! Susequently I came to wonder if Risako was the only Japanese dancer, since I couldn't recall any others:

Aha! Then I found this one from Dana Kinomoto:

OK, I'll come clean: she's from Bogotá, Colombia – not Japan. April Fool! (What were you expecting - “Poisson d'Avril!”?)

Here's Himitsu-San dancing 'for Amiyu' on Imaru Satzuru's channel, which seems to be as Japanese as it gets:

Here's Roh Maribel, merely several days old. Obviously not Japanese, but the first comment is from an Oikawa Makoto:

And again, merely several hours old:

Since I've already crashed the Japanese theme here're Cyanide Vice and Wendy Ailan:

Herrin Ariadne

. . . of No Way Out has podcasts available. (N.B. may be in German.)

Torture Garden . . .

  have a couple of events planned, in Italy and New York. The Italian enterprise is in May, but the New York venue is unconfirmed as yet.


  of Wolverhampton have refolded the towel and have returned it to the drawer until mid May. Only a month away.

Miss Kim

 is still running daily Mistress Workshops on-line. And there are some specials coming up.

Boris Johnson

 . . . is deploying the arse-crack Covid test.


Google are pulling out the stops to help small UK businesses. Well, stopping short of paying tax, of course. Feel free to pass this on to Google. And Amazon . . .

I see (hear?) another song infected by the toxic bite of advertising: Sweet Child of Mine is now broadcast in a watery-warbling form. And that bloody Lloyds Bank commercial is back.

*Easter Sunday and what do they put on? Call the Midwife Christmas Special . . .
Is it me or does it come round quicker every year?

I could've watched Skinwalker Ranch - “the most unique science project of it's kind”. Interesting - if it's unique surely it's a 'one-of-a-kind'?

Goings & Comings

Some musings on 2019 and 2020. That last one is on a bit of a short ration.


'Toyah at Home' - broadcast on Saturday mornings at 11am. (The other week she said “I'm not gay - I'm married”. Priceless. Then she rhapsodised about her honey-hive!) And Sunday Lunchtimes, at lunchtime on Sunday.

Here's her performance of Ace of Maids?

Toyah briefly resumed touring early in 2020, before everything closed down.

Many dates, especially the Electric Ladies dates (which co-star Hazel O'Connor), are now re-scheduled from mid May this year. But you'll have to wait a month for her Up Close and Personal show. Here's a snippet of her Rubber Revalations.

Maybe you saw her getting a rough deal in Quatermass on Talking Pictures TV?