- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Double-Flyered Events

I've noticed several times over the years that more than one flyer is circulated for the same event, but last year (2018 - and a ringer) there seemed to a bumper crop.
Generally one appears and floats (flys?) about for a while, then a new one appears and circulates around. Presumably the second one is considered 'better', although you might not always think so.

It was Great When It All Began

The earliest one (two?) that I noticed this year were for the Torture Garden Birthday Ball, way back in April.


The 2018 London Fetish Weekend was a huge series of events, so big it prompted double-doubling.

Late Night Entry

The Firm's Night of the Cane flyers have a traditional style, so I was surprised to see the first one. Still, no publicity is bad publicity.

Α & Ω (Alpha & Omega)

This page began . . . and ends . . . with Torture Garden. This was the 2016 NNYE back in 2016, and re-purposed for their Spring Ball in Tokyo 2019.