- it's not really a company, it's just a name.


This page is an historical hangover (but that's not the worst kind!); it's a bit superfluous - and you shouldn't be here.

Still, no harm done and the navigation to the left (or below) works as well from here as anywhere.

Sporadically I even 'update' it - well, I copy content from the 'real homepage' and leave it here to get well out of date.

Since it's now in the html equivalent of quarantine, let's have a new picture:

Ah, Cyanide Vice: long-time mask wearer - now more appropriate than ever - here's one of her videos:

And there's more in that vein on the Industrial Dance page.

Lady Nina Birch

Tranny-Training Resumed

The lovely Nina doesn't just do harsh rubber prison scenes:
domestic domination, office role-reversal and tranny training
are just some of her skilled ministrations.

Her Tranny-Training site has been on hiatus,
but is now revived.

A chance to have your feminine side thoroughly explored.

I wasn't that lucky:

 - I was luckier!