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Burns Night 2002

This Year's Boat 26: 17th August

The Downside

Being short one portion of vegetarian food was the only flaw that I can recall.

The Upside

Held this year in a stunning new venue, The Bell Book and Candle at Ludgate Hill, gave a feast for the eyes as soon as one walked in. The décor was gothic and baroque before The Firm added their touch; I barely noticed pieces that I'd seen before as they often blended with the native ornamentation.

The event was all but sold out, the guests in anything from full Highland to full fetish rig with a touch of tartan providing another feast for the eyes.

The haggis was piped around the floor prior to being addressed at high table, then the main course served. Dessert was circulated and the meal finished off with a wee dram.

My third meal of haggis this week;
I must be addicted.

After the meal people were ushered upstairs for a game of Fantasy Forfeits whilst the tables were cleared and the downstairs converted to a less hospitable area. The crowd returned and S&M began in earnest.

The Verdict

Fabulous: the food, the setting and the crowd all contributed to a perfect evening which even a shamefully ignorant Sassenach like myself could enjoy.

The Future

I hope that this venue will be used again, for next Burns Night or another event by The Firm - either bodes well.