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The Boat 2015

The Downside

Finding a parking space was a bit awkward. But only a little bit.

The Upside

Nice evening for a stroll to the quayside. Last couple of play items to be taken aboard, then the gathered masses were embarked.

Without (noticeably) marooning anyone the boat moved into the flow, the crew moved to their stations and pervs moved to the awaiting furniture.

It was warm - almost too warm with the (designated) play area filled to capacity. Luckily we were moving fast enough to generate a breeze - the advantage of a mobile dungeon with portholes on a sultry summer night. Play still spilled above, much more so than last year I reckon.

Was there was more play above or below deck?

From the rail you had a choice of views - the right bank, the left banke or the on-deck activities. Music wafted up from the open windows (portholes?), giving the upper deck a cool and quiet ambience, with undertones of activity from the heaving throng below.

Nice soundtrack to the outposts of play on the top deck. Well, accompaniment to the self-generated sounds.

Attentive maids took turns around the deck, with very welcome trays of cool fruits - just the thing on a hot evening.

The Verdict

The Boat triumphed again - music, play and travel in one neat package.

The Future

Hoping the weather holds for next year - a Firm fixture!

Pictures from this event