- it's not really a company, it's just a name.


The Downside

Several people remarked that the place seemed packed full; in fact it was deliberately sold under-capacity to allow a modicum of elbow room. It is divided essentially into two; with one half dedicated to a playspace the remainder was well filled.

The Upside

The venue is lovely; instead of the usual dungeon look it has clean white walls and comfortable furnishing. Despite the density of the crowd it avoided jostling or cramped feel, even at the reasonably-priced bar.

At the end of the week it's nice to rest and relax, so an event where sitting and chatting in pleasant company is possible in an elegant setting was an inspired idea. There was no specific theme other than to look good, a goal achieved and enjoyed by all.

This is the first fetish event I've been to with a no-smoking area. Why assume that all pervs are subject to all the vices?

The main area boasts a small stage area and lap-dancing pole, used here by the Goddesses for a display which added an S&M overtone for those who felt too settled to make their own entertainment. It was also a popular place to lay submissives for a bit of trampling; perhaps it was the carpeting - a bare floor is a little unforgiving - but this was something that I'd not seen very much before.

The dungeon area, whilst not overly spacious, was airy and well-lit and was employed continuously without getting packed. People waiting for furniture to become available actually found themselves able to talk to each other, thanks to the atmospheric low-key music policy, which added to the civilised feel of the night.

The Verdict

A quiet, charming night in fetish finery; simply lovely.

The Future

The balance was just right. Any improvement is hard to envisage so I'll simply hope that it can be maintained.


There was a murmur afterward that the mens toilet was a little disagreeable. (It was fine on both my visits.) One of the Goddesses has ordained that this will not happen again, ensuring that future events are as near perfect as is possible on this mortal coil.