- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

LCPS - a darker view of the School Scene

1: The Origins of the LCPS

First appearing as an event in early 2007, the LCPS is an unfolding root of a different, darker take on the School Scene.

Existing previously as a series of images on flyers The LCPS has a narrative background, started a year earlier, which forms an extensive series of pages on The Firm's website. Meandering in tone and appearance it forms a collection of documents of all that is known of the LCPS, outside of itself, presented as memoirs, letters and memos related to the only successful, published investigation.

(It reminds me in structure of both H.P. Lovecraft's Call of Cthulu and the first volume of the Illuminatus trilogy (The Eye in the Pyramid), but with human horrors and a power struggle much closer to home. I suspect also that it may have some influence from The Founding Of Evil Hold School "a Gothic fantasy for children" by Nikolai Tolstoy, and How to be Topp, et al, by Geoffrey Willams and Ronald Searle, the creators of St. Trinians.)

The LCPS aims to refocus on the activities outside of lessons (- even in the periods when lessons are supposed to be held).

The typical form of school events, such as held by The Muir Academy and New Grange Manor, is based on a stereotypical school-day from 1930-60's, with lessons strictly timetabled and homework set. The chief difference is that the pupils' behaviour is probably worse, but compensated for by a corresponding increase in the discipline meted out.

The shifting of attention from the hierarchy of the school system of teachers, timetables and prefects is reflected in the prominence of the gangs. The traditional schools often have a system of Houses, which impose grouping on the pupils from 'above' by the teachers (or a talking hat). These are intended to promote camaraderie within the Houses, and competition between them, inducing higher performance in academic and sporting activities.

The LCPS gangs are more of a grass-roots movement, instigated by the pupils instead of the teachers, but serving a similar function in providing a social peer-group. While academic achievement is left somewhat behind (and sporting activity largely confined to the Heavy gang), gangs also provide another essential element - protection! So although escape is given from the rigid structure of the school day, the freedom comes with a price - you have to look after yourself.