- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Dark View of the School Scene

4 - A Quick Guide to the LCPS

Get your info from the horses mouth.

(L.C.P.S. is a deranged idea from The Firm, purveyors of The Boat and Night of the Cane.)

LCPS logo stolen from the-firm.org and used without permission.

Although there is a complete version of the history available it is quite long-winded and prone to crashing, pending fixes. (Ishmael is not the propeller-head that some of us . . . I mean some people are.) Quite apart from anything else there's no particular reason why pupils (or staff) would know all that stuff, so here are some links to the more useful bits:

These should open in a new window or tab, come back here with your taskbar. If you do go with the complete version, expect to use your back button a lot. Ishmael doesn't believe in navigation (unless it leads to a white whale . . .)